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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lent: Day 3

Woke up a little later than expected...after sleeping too late the evening before...zzz zzz.
I met up with my mom at 1pm for a quickie lunch at Irashai in Kerrisdale. After that, I enjoyed a girlie moment with my mom, with both of us getting manis and pedis at Pure Nail Bar across the street. Both Jenny and Amy were amazing. Had such a great afternoon with my mom, while she was driving her rental car from the bodyshop.
After we god back to the uber cold house, we just chilled until my stepdad returned home. Once he did, he prompty opened a bottle of 2000 Lindeman's was so good, after it breathed for a little bit. We had it with some Kernels popcorn, tearaway cheese cookies and seaweed. I know the snacks sound weired, but you really have to try it!!
As we were all sipping the vino, we all realized that the Canucks game was on tonight, but it was PPV. The logical conclusion of heading to Boston Pizza was drawn. We got there about 10 minutes before the game started, and I ordered my French Onion Soup (as did everyone else at the table) and a Vegetarian Pizza (and everyone else shared a Meteor Pizza)...Even the waiter comments on the irony of no-meat versus all-meat.

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