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Sunday, May 06, 2012

More Marrow at Frank's Kitchen!

Another Toronto institution that was highly recommended was Frank's Kitchen. So off we went to give this place a try. menu 1
I don't usually post the menu in my post, but since this one actually turned out, I will! The first picture is of the appies, and they sure to have a lot of them. I rarely see and Antipasto Plate for one, so it's a nice that they offer this option. menu 3 The pastas are all rolled in house and they also have a lot of meat on the menu. What is lacking is more seafood dishes, other than the lobster and a catch of the day, there's not a lot of alternatives if you don't eat meat. bread plate Upon being seated, they bring you an amazing Bread Plate. There is a brioche with figs as well as a foccacia with sausage and garlic. Oh, and the obligatory French bread. All this is paired with olives and hummus too. Amuse Bouche 3 They also served an amuse bouche to everyone, not just to the "cool kids". On the plate today is a Spanish Veloutte with corn as well as as goat cheese croquette on top of a cucumber salad. The goat cheese croquette was crispy as you would expect, and the veloutte was smooth and rich. A great starter.
Oysters Rockefeller 3 
Friends of mine raved about the Oysters Rockefeller so we gave it a try. You get half a dozen with an order and it comes on a tray reminiscent to high tea. I liked it, a little bit of fancy that was unexpected. Oysters Rockefeller 1 Here's a close up of the Oysters. With just a simple topping of spinach, bacon and hollandaise sauce, and then all baked into a gooey mess. This was a good blend of textures and flavours. You get a bit of crunch from the crumbled topping and the creamy oyster, and then a bit of saltiness with the bacon. No wonder this is a fan favourite.  Marrow, Foie & Tartar The other appetizer that we ordered was the Marrow, with a Foie Gras Tornchon and Venison Tartare on the side. The dish is so rich with all the decadent ingredients, it was nice that they also served some pickled veggies on the side. The cauliflower was a hit for me. The little toast points were perfect to pair with everything. Not sure why the marrow was on a napkin, that was the only odd thing for me.
Kalamansi lime sorbet 
Another nice touch is the Sorbet course that they serve before your main course. The spoon of Kalamansi sorbet with a hint of basil is just perfect. Not too tart but a perfect palate cleanser.   Lamb loin, rack sausage For main courses, the first one was the Rack of Lamb. It comes with Rack, Loin, Shoulder and Marguez Sausage in a syrah reduction. The lamb is very good, all the variations of it. I liked the rack and loin, both cooked to a nice medium rare. The sausage is tucked in the back and it shared the same crusting as the loin. I liked the assembly of the veggies that accompanied the dish, especially the brussel sprouts.   Pork loin, belly and chop The other entree was the Pork Loin, Belly and Chop. The fact that they serve the same meat in a few different ways is really novel, and something not commonly done in Vancouver. I really enjoyed the juiciness of the pork, which can be dry at times. The belly had a nice crispy skin too, which really is the whole point.
I'm glad I gave this place a try and would recommend it to friends travelling to Toronto.
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