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Friday, May 04, 2012

Pied de Terre with the family!

I first visited this place several times when they first opened many years ago, but I didn't a food blog then. I revisited recently and to my delight, things were still amazing!
Warm Fresh Bread
First things! And with the wine, they swiftly brought the warmed skewered bread.
Salad Parisienne - duck liver, confit, potatoes
For an appetizer, we decided to all share an appetizer, their special of the day, the Salade Parisienne. It's made with duck liver, shredded duck confit with some fingerling potatoes. The liver had a medium sear on it, and confit was very juicy. The overall gamey-ness might overwhelm some people, but I enjoyed it. 
Creamed Spinach & Broiled Tomato with buttered bread crumbs & parsley
So this is the start to our dinner...we each got some creamed spinach well as a broiled tomato with buttered bread crumbs and parsley. Nothing earth shattering here...I appreciate that it's more than just a wilted greens & a grilled tomato but it's still the obligatory veggies you'd expect.
Accompaniments to the beef
Oh wait, there's more. I like the baby carrots and the broccolini was a nice touch. A little to heavy with the butter for everyday, but on occasion it does make eating veggies better.
And instead of mashed or baked potato that you would expect in a steakhouse, you are treated to frites here! Nothing else on the table makes my mom happier. They didn't really standout for me but I was sort of distracted by... 
Cote de Beouf 2
And can you blame me? This was their Cote de beouf. It is served for two and is meant for could probably feed three to be honest, along with all the sides.
Cote de Beouf
Served bone in and medium rare, this was really very good. The meat was just fatty enough to be juicy, and the char from the grill gave the outside a nice crust. And that bone, seeing that bone made me want a dog to bring it home to! I did my best to gnaw on it, but probably not as aggressively as I would have were we in a different setting.
Blue Cheese and Mustard with Peppercorn Sauce
And last to arrive were the sauces, one was the roquefort sauce and the other was a spicier peppercorn mustard sauce. The roquefort sauce isn't really that dark, I think my flash failed me. It is definitely much richer and decadent than the peppercorn mustard one. I preferred the peppercorn though, but with an occasional dunk in the other one.
Halibut with Veg Ragout & Rock Prawns (Shrimp) with Gnocchi
Others at the table tried the Halibut, served with a vegetable ragout, some rock prawns and gnocchi. The halibut was a good portion and fish was cooked to a nice sear on the outside. The vegetable ragout was a mix of carrots, beans and asparagus. I really liked this combination but I am a huge fan of asparagus, so that definitely sold me. The gnocchi were larger pillows than expected but still soft and tender on the inside as you would expect. The one let down was the aforementioned prawns. We had two servings of this entree at the table and one plate had six or eight pieces and the other had about four. And they really small for rock prawns. Like I said, that was the most disappointing part of the meal.
The have Table d'hôte with three courses for just $38. If you are planning a date night, try their $99 dinner for two, featuring two Table d'hôte, a bottle of wine and coffee afterwards.
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