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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day at Seasons

My mom isn't a great fan of traditional Chinese food, so for Mother's Day, I had to go with something Western. She does love seafood and really enjoyed a previous meal at Coast with Chef Dennis Peckham. So when I found out that he is now running the show at Seasons, it was a no brainer! 
Bread We arrived at 7 and the sun was shining beautifully into the room. The buns were the first to arrive, and they are just perfect little pillows. My mom is a huge carb fan so this was pretty much all hers. 
Crab Cake We decided to try some of the new appetizers on the menu. And the first one we got was the Dungeness Crab Cake. This was really tasty...lots of crab and the whole cake held together nicely. Having tried to make crab cakes at home, I know how hard this is to do. My mom loved the amount of crab in this and the little bit of arugula on top made the dish very vibrant. 
Ribs Normally, when we have dinner as a family at more casual places like Earls, we always get the Dry Ribs to share. Well, they had on the ribs on the menu here, but these are totally different. Sweet and Spicy ribs were slathered with delicious barbecue sauce and then cooked to a falling off the bones consistency. Totally delicious and very juicy, this was one of the best ribs I've had in a while.
Prime Rib xBeing a total meatlover, my stepdad took Dennis' recommendation and went with the Prime Rib, cooked to a medium rare. With just the right amount of fat, the marbling on this was amazing. The little yorkshire pudding on the side helped to complete the meal, along with a creamy horseradish. Great suggestion from the chef! 
Halibut As mentioned before, my mom is a fish lover and Dennis recommended the Halibut as the Catch of the Day. Well, she absolutely loved it. The grilled fish arrived with a broiled tomato and some broccollini...simple, fresh and perfectly cooked. 
Surf and Turf
I honestly couldn't decided on what to order, so I asked Dennis to just "make me dinner" What I got was an amazing Surf and Turf dinner. The lobster tail was so juicy and meaty, it really rivalled the filet in terms of texture. The filet was juicy and tender, but the portion was just too big for me. I ended having to take half of it to go...the little bit of mashed on the bottom was amazing too... I love creamy mashed potatoes. It's pure comfort food! 
With the amazing view and the revamped menu, I would highly recommend Seasons for your next special celebration.

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