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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Golden Lake - North Burnaby Dim Sum

For dim sum in Burnaby, I would say the options are a bit limited. Sure there are pricey options such as Kirin (Starlight) and Grand Dynasty, but for your average price range, you're left with the less than satisfactory Happy Valley  Ergo Noodles So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this place on Hastings, by Boundary. The first thing that caught our eye was the Stif-Fried Chinese Rice "Dough" with Shredded Meat and Vegetables. I love these ergonomically correct noodles, so easy to pick up with chopsticks. The texture was good, not overcooked as in commonly the case. Little bits of prok and vegetables were mixed throughout. I found the dish a bit bland, but you can probably tell, there's just not that much seasoning here. And not really worth the $6.95. Black Bean This next dish is the Crystal Noodle in Hot Pot with Spare Ribs.These noodles are like rice flour sheets rollups. The black beat spareribs are good, if just a bit fatty. But it's a good sized portion for $5.95 and the rollups soak up the sauce very nicely. Chicken Feet Don't be scared, but yes,these are Chicken Feet. You either love them or cringe when you see them. I happen to love them, and love them here too. Juicy stumps of skin and cartilage. If you are curious, give it a try, afterall, you get five or six pieces for just $3.75. Shrimp Dumpling And no dimsum is complete without the ubiquitous Prawn Dumplings. Plump and filled with pieces of shrimp, the skin on this is great, thick enough to hold everything together but thin enough so you don't have a mouthful of dough. Give it a shot for $4.25. Sticky Rice Roll Here is another dish, the Traditional Style Stick Rice Roll. So instead of a leaf wrapped sticky rice as seen at Kirin on Cambie, they wrap it in a Chinese bun dough. Sort of like a weird quesadilla. The rice was a little bland, and the dough was a little too thick, so I wasn't a huge fan. But at $3.75, it's worth giving this a shot to see if they have improved.  Steamed Canelloni The next dish is the Rice Flour Rolls Wrapped with Chinese Donut with Pork Floss. I actually expected the pork floss on the inside of the roll, not on top. This was a little weird for me since the whole point of pork floss is to be loose and fluffy. By putting the soy sauce over it, the floss got soggy and a touch too salty. The actual roll was good though, if you brush the floss off to the side. Not a bad dish for $4.25. All Together Now All this was $30.50 and is definitely more than enough food for two people. I don't think it's worth a hike into Burnaby if you're not in the area, but if this is close by, it's worth a shot.
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