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Monday, October 03, 2011

Food Truck - Nu Greek Street

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Taking a stroll down on Granville and smell something yummy? It's probably the aroma of the grilled lamb or chicken (or vegetables) from this food truck. I tried their Lamb Souvlaki Pita and after a short wait, the hot little bundle was in my hands.
Two of my pet peeves about Food Trucks is the messiness of the whole thing, and the other is  that trucks parked nowhere near a decent seating area. Well, these problems do not exist here. These little hot pockets are packaged tightly, so no risk of dripping sauces onto your nice work clothes. What struck me first about the pica was the hotness of it. We trekked to Nu on a cool day, so it was nice to hold this to warm up, akin to holding a mug of hot chocolate on a wintry day. 
The pita is filled with grilled lamb, a healthy squirt of satziki and some roughly chopped tomatoes and onions. The lamb chunks were tender, well marinated and quite flavourful,  though I do wish there was more of it! The pita is more naan-like in texture, super doughy, soft and fluffy. The wrapping keeps the pita together while you eat your way to the bottom, so no mess, no fuss. 
They have a few other options in addition to their pitas, you can get just the skewers or just the pita, and then add a side of satziki or hummus. Oh, and yes, they do have a Greek salad too, must try that next time! 

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