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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Food Truck - Cartel Taco

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Over the summer, I went on a bit of a Food Truck Tour and tried quite a few trucks. One day, I was meeting a twitter friend, and we decided to take on another food truck This time, we chose Cartel Taco.  Why? Because my friend is on a gluten-free diet, and that is what their hand-made corn tortillas are, gluten-free! Located outside of Culinaria, the smell of barbecue coming from this truck makes them easy to find.
They only have two things on the menu, beef or pork tacos. With a deal of 4 tacos for $10, the decision was pretty easy. One of each for each of us! 
The beef was served with their green salsa and the pork was served with the red version. I know the red looks like it would be spicier, but it's not...the green one packed more of a punch. 
The kimchi was applied a bit erratically, but it didn't matter, the taste was fairly mild, and not as crunchy as I normally like kimchi to be. 
I like how they double up on the tortillas, and for $5, it will fill you up. Meat to Tortilla Ratio was fair so I'll probably come back. However, I wish there were more areas to sit and eat this. It's kind of hard to eat these daintily while standing up, or god forbid, while walking. 

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