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Friday, August 24, 1990

Day 5

Day Five
Weight: X-3.8
Yes! Back down to X-3.8! I was scared that the alcohol would totally wreck the good behaviour so far, but it hasn't. Not to say I recommend this...not at all.
We decided to check out the Trout Lake Farmers Market and decided to buy something for the next cleanse I'm trying. Yes...I'm trying another cleanse. We picked up peppers, blackberries and raspberries. There were lots of other interesting vegetables there, but oh boy, the prices are way higher than I expected. For those of you who regularly shop at these markets, can you shed light on whether these veggies/fruits are really that much tastier?

Went off to Safeway to get more ingredients for the next cleanse and then headed home. So now, I have one day, yes, ONE DAY, to indulge before starting my new cleanse on Monday.
So home now and just getting caught up on some work. I've munched on another head of raw broccoli with oyster sauce, as well as 5 blackberries and 5 raspberries.
Because I have been on a low-carb cleanse for the past five days, I know that whatever I consume tomorrow should be low to moderate in terms of carbs, because my body won't be ready for it.
Hmmm....maybe I'll go Romer's Burgers...they can "make it green" and forego the brioche bun in favour of a lettuce as bun...
I will blog one more time tomorrow morning to advise of any weight loss (if any) throughout the night.

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