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Monday, August 27, 1990

Day 2

Day Two
Weight: X-.08lbs
So Day Two is here and I realize that I don't need to make my shake first thing in the morning, since I'm not a breakfast person. Instead, I went about my day as normal, drinking more water than usual. You sort of have to, since each of the AM vitamin packs have 6 pills in them. Since I already take a multi-vitamin and my Claritin for allergies, that is a total of 8 pills. I need about 2 gulps per pill, so as you can see, this quickly adds up. Work got insanely busy this morning, so I didn't even have a chance to sit down until about 2pm. And since I decided not to have the fibre bar last night, I could hear my tummy I opened up the Oatmeal Raison Usana Bar. I have been warned that people might not love the texture, but I actually didn't mind it. Perhaps it's because it's the first solid food I had in about 38 hours. Nevertheless, I liked it, but only ate about half of it. I drank water as I ate, and just stopped when I was full.
Headed to Queen Elizabeth Park after work with a bottle of water and got caught up on some reading while catching some rays. By the time I got home around 8, I took my PM vitamins and another few glasses of water.

Getting antsy and not wanting to stay home anymore, I headed over to B's for some company. Waiting for me there were a quarter of sliced apples, some blueberries and three strawberries. I shared the half of my bar with B, after all, he made me my perfect fruit serving! He liked the texture too, "a little more cookie-like than the Oat Bar at Starbucks" was his comment. Although I did give in and had a shot of Goose with some water. One was all I wanted and I dunked some of the fruit in it to give it a bit of flavour. And that's how Day Two ended. No hunger pangs or cravings, yet...
Although I do find myself craving meat...not a steak or anything, more like... Hot Pot... Yes Landmark Hot Pot...hmmm...
B also got me some canned corn and canned sliced mushrooms to take home too, just in case.

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