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Monday, August 20, 1990

Cabbage Soup Diet - All the Fruits You can Eat!

Day One
So in a sharp contrast to Usana, where you are limited to what you can eat, this diet is the can eat a lot of things, and you have to drink a lot of soup. Today was the fruit day, so theorectically, you are allowed to have copious amounts of fruits, but nothing sweet or high in fat like bananas, avocado and so on. I didn't put a lot of peppers in my soup, so I could actually munch on them throughout the day. I also discovered my love of broccoli, raw and with a side of oyster sauce. I almost don't feel like I'm dieting! After having done this diet several times, I have found the best way to reheat the soup. The secret is to reheat the amount you want to eat in a smaller pot. This way you can experiment with various additions (tobasco, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, paprika) all without affecting the whole pot (negatively).

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