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Thursday, August 16, 1990

Cabbage Soup Diet - Porchetta, Oysters, Sashimi and Weiners!

Day Five
Oh my, totally slept in. Am attending the Power of Women conference at Rogers Arena, slated to start at 8. I woke up at 10! Needless to say, I missed some of the morning speakers. I made it down there to catch the last morning speaker, and then headed for lunch with the BFF. There were a ton of people at Chambar, Medina and even Dirty Apron. So...I convinced her to head to Meat and Bread...and also convinced her to get the Porchetta. We also tried their daily salad...and it was quinoa today! So good. I got the sandwich but skipped the bread. I was just there for the protein.
After the conference, and in search of more protein, we headed to Buck a Shuck at Goldfish Seafood. There were three of us and we got two dozen. Hey, for some of us, this was dinner! Afterward, we headed back to the cabin in Point Roberts and proceeded to really feast! We had planned ahead and ordered some sashimi! Oh heavenly.
After feasting on the sashimi, we started a fire in the pit and roasted some marshmallows...and some hot dogs. Hey, still meat so it's allowed!

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