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Friday, August 17, 1990

Cabbage Soup Diet - Bananas and Milk

Day Four
I can't believe I actually remembered to bring my frozen goodies...I didn't buy any milk, know full well that I wouldn't drink it. I was tempted to have a tea misto from Starbucks to satisfy the calcium but I hae been doing so well without tea, that I decided to see if I could extend this streak. I did have one of the banana halves, and also brought some papaya with me to the office to give the day some variety. But honestly, the best part was the soup. Spicy and hearty, this hits the spot everytime. Just a cup and a half and I'm set for a few hours. No other cheats today, and did everything to the letter, because tomorrow was my treat day! You're allowed 10-20 ounces of beef and some tomatoes, along with your soup. If you're the type to plan ahead, today's the day you should be grilling that steak! Since I'm not in the office tomorrow, I didn't worry about packing a lunch.

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