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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidelined by Allergies

Woke up uber early and headed down to the Black Frog to line up for a legendary hockey game. But alas, it was not meant to be...they closed the door on us when we were 10 people away. They had reached capacity...and we couldn't even buy our way in...believe me, we tried.
The alternative was Tunnel and it was rumoured that they would only be serving hot dogs and beer...which would NEVER have sustained me for the epic hockey game we were going to watch.
I made an executive decision and went back to the Earl's by my place and score primo seats. It was the only thing that kept me together during those long OT minutes. I was literally and physically shaking while watching! And I also decided that cheating on lent was ok, two days in a row because I didn't cheat last Sunday. Wings and Ribs are Hockey...
Thank goodness Team Canada played their best game of hockey this Olympics because the US played well. Not AS well as Team Canada, but it was a nail biter right down to the wire.
Stayed home for the closing ceremonies and as soon as got ready to go to bed, my allergies decided to rear its very violent head. I couldn't even lie down, let alone breathe through my nose. I was (and still am) a guppy or a "mouth breather". So ashamed.
Emailed my boss to regale her of my health issues and decided to take a sick day and/or work from home tomorrow. I need a reactin! Wah wah wah

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday at the House!

Molson Hockey House - how early do you go to an AYCE/AYCD event? Well, in my case, it was about 2pm…for a 6pm hockey game. It was the Bronze Medal game but it was also the Curling Finals. Awesome games and good company. But if I wasn't in the VIP - would I really want to pay $10/wine & spirit? Insane! Felt very VIP-ish, until I noticed the VIP section within the VIP section - Very Interesting People indeed. Broke my Lent restrictions today and had pork tenderloin, lamb loin...yummz.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Stayed home to celebrate another busy and productive workday. Cannot wait until RSP Season is over! Feel like getting a little tipsy...hope nobody minds. Had some yummy French Rabbit and then had a friend over after the Victory Ceremony. Watched some more TV til almost 2am and just crashed tired...felt like I curled all night! Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Scored last minute Women's Curling Semifinals Olympic tickets. Watching with my boss…get to see CAN vs SUI and CHN vs SWE…I really do like curling. 9am start so no booze during this game, but did have a black tea without milk. Strangely nauseous…not sure what to make of it. Headed back to the office after the curling match and worked until 5. Wow, that is a stretch for me...felt like leaving at 2. Weird what your body gets used to. Celebrating the second last night of sleeping early to wake up early! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

Decided to watch another hockey game today with co-workers. Was planning on staying for just the first period so that we could head down to BC Place for the Victory Ceremony in plenty of time. Unfortunately, we ended up staying for the whole game, because you just can't leave when Canada is wiping the floor with I right? After the game, we headed over to BC Place where we pretty much missed most of the medals being awarded, but we did have an awesome time rocking out to INXS...the only oompa loompa vibe were the two pregnant ladies in front of us...dancing...I was worried that their water would break...way too preggo to be at a concert.
Had dinner afterwards at Burgoo - totally want to try their French Onion Soup next time...but the seafood chowder and grilled cheese were excellent too.
And as for the "special" part of the day...didn't happen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday at The Keg

After another exhausting day at work, met up with a friend and decided to hog a table at the Yaletown Keg. We were there around 3, but the game didn't start until 4:30. It didn't matter though, it was packed by 3:15. Good thing we hogged a table so my friends could take their sweet time coming down. I had a friend going to the victory ceremony, and she dropped by to share some wine. Two other co-workers came by too, and stayed until we celebrated Canada's win. Headed over to Charm for a drink but probably should have gone home. Oh well, Olympics are once in a lifetime, right?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Craving Curling

Back to my 6-2 shift and off to a curling event tonight. Decided to stop by Crave for a quick bite, since I've never been and it was close enough to the venue. The food was yummy, and again, I vow to return to have some of the meatier treats. Though the deep fried sushi was pretty good.
Curling is a really stimulating sport, especially when you totally get the strategies and plays. Came home and I have to admit, went to bed a little breathless. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shocked Sunday

Canada vs USA. OMG - what happened? Watched the game with some co-workers and we were all seriously speechless by the end of it. The jinxes are: People who normally drink wine should stick to wine. Never go to a NEW bar to watch a legendary game. And for me...cheat on Sunday, dammit - eat some meat!!
Left St. Augustine’s and headed over to Cactus Club for a Veggie Burger…couldn’t finish, but it was good…

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Woke up tired, not a great thing on the weekend. However, had plans to make traditional Chinese New Year cake with a buddy, and did not want to disappoint.
Started off goint to Boss in Metrotown for a quick bite, and then to T&T to grab ingredients for Lo Bak Goh (yes, we were feeling ambitious). Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it turns out), their diakon left much to be desired and we left empty handed. Headed over and made the New Year cake with relatively little effort - just a lot of kneading and playing with dough.
Headed downtown to catch some Oly spirit and ended up at Charlie's Place. And just as an FYI: if you are a new restaurant opening during the Olympics in a location that is known to repeatedly fail, perhaps you shouldn't be charging an 18% auto-grat, when your "not nearly hot enough to be this dumb" waitresses interrupt the speed skating competitions with the "proper way" to lay down a pizza board.
Needless to say, will not be coming back even when I can eat meat.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday

CZE vs LAT - this is an awesome game, if only the girl behind me didn't freak out every time Jagr has the puck! And it's not a girly scream; it'd actually make him think a man wanted him. Seriously sounds like she sucked back a pack of Camels before coming into GM (Canada Hockey) Place.
After the game, we headed to Abigail's Party for a few tapas and a bit more vino. Since it was my first time, and I had to eat veggy-style, I vow to return to sample more yummy treats!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oh what a day! Started off with a very expensive lunch hour that left me starved! Arranged to have my tire fixed yesterday, and went around 10 (yes, that is my lunch time) to go have it put onto my car. $100 bucks later, I am back at the office, and wondering why I'm still hungry!
Left work around 2:30 and walked by the insane line-up for entry into the Bay. Only during the Olympics would there EVER be a line-up for the Bay. I don't remember the last time I was shopping in a department store (oh, wait, it might have been around the last Clinique Bonus). Thankfully, I already have all the O-gear I need, a jersey, THE mitts and a toque.
Walked down to meet a friend at the German Fan Fest (not to be confused with the German Savoy House). Despite hearing about the delish and must-try Thuringian sausages, I abstained and stuck to my guns with a beer instead. Headed over the BC Place and passed by the Power Smart pavilion again, but this time...Quatchi and Miga were there for a photo op! It was nice...I think I robbed Quatchi of his innocence...just a little.
After that, we wondered over to Bell Ice Cube...! They had a signed torch from Crosby... They were giving away some earbuds, which you could hook up to the various dangling wires from the roof to hear the CAN vs SUI game. It was very futuristic, but we were definitely there for the cowBELL. I've never wanted one before, but for some reason, I need one now!
Headed over to BC Place for the victory ceremony, but needed to grab some food first. Being lent and all, I was debating between the Teriyaki Salmon (never like the way teriyaki is done by Caucasian folks), or a Veggie dog...guess which one I succumbed to?
There ceremony was interesting...with PEI presenting the best of PEI...which is apparently a dressed down version of HSM and Anne of Green Gables. After a rather long presentation, the medals came out! Compared to the last one we went to, which "only" celebrated the First Canadian to Win a Gold Medal on Canadian Soil - Alex Bilodeau, this ceremony was so much longer! We heard anthems from USA (Shaun White), China (Wang Meng), Norway (E. Svendsen), Germany (Tatjana Huefner ) and of course, Canada (Christine Nesbitt) came onto the podium!
Hedley performed after that, and the four teenagers in front of us promptly moved down for a better view. After listening to all the songs (that we recognize), it was time to go.
It's only Day 7, but I think the Olympics parties and events (and my Olympic work hours) are catching up to me. And just when I think the weekend will be my salvation...I realize that I should spend some time with my family too! So likely a brunch on Sunday with the folks...long overdue!

Finally - the truth will set you free

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 1

Morning started off a little sluggish. Stayed up a little too late last night and woke up a little early today. Also had to contend with the problem of my leaking tire. Too much to process first thing in the morning.
Skipped my usual Americano, and got a tea misto instead. Long day at work, or so it seemed. I think the excitement of the CAN vs NOR game the night before, along with the martinis at Earls, sort of did me in.
Headed over to Irish House after work and just hung out there for a bit. Is it just me or do all these houses look like PNE Beer Gardens, except with nicer TVs? Got hungry and decided to head over to Earl's for a quick bite. Sad to say...despite it being Wing Wednesday, I was really happy with my tuna sliders! My new Lent favourite.
Caught a ride home, and had every intention of staying home. Alas, got a phone call from a friend and made my third visit to Earls in two days. Given 15 minutes to get ready, I think I did a pretty good job of drying my hair and getting dressed. But then I makeup bag is sitting pretty back at my office downtown. Ooops! Oh well, ended up going adn having a not-so-quick drink...Heartland...Got home around midnight and crashed (after an episode or two of Frasier).


Adieu to anything edible with legs (except if from the ocean), aufedesein americanos, and goodbye facebook~til Easter...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Hockey

Awesome time at the Canada vs. Norway game tonight. It's nice to see Team Canada pull together and work as a team.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Woefully Behind

It's been ages since I've udpated, but this weekend should be a slow one, so I will endeavor to get caught up!


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