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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Woke up tired, not a great thing on the weekend. However, had plans to make traditional Chinese New Year cake with a buddy, and did not want to disappoint.
Started off goint to Boss in Metrotown for a quick bite, and then to T&T to grab ingredients for Lo Bak Goh (yes, we were feeling ambitious). Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it turns out), their diakon left much to be desired and we left empty handed. Headed over and made the New Year cake with relatively little effort - just a lot of kneading and playing with dough.
Headed downtown to catch some Oly spirit and ended up at Charlie's Place. And just as an FYI: if you are a new restaurant opening during the Olympics in a location that is known to repeatedly fail, perhaps you shouldn't be charging an 18% auto-grat, when your "not nearly hot enough to be this dumb" waitresses interrupt the speed skating competitions with the "proper way" to lay down a pizza board.
Needless to say, will not be coming back even when I can eat meat.

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