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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidelined by Allergies

Woke up uber early and headed down to the Black Frog to line up for a legendary hockey game. But alas, it was not meant to be...they closed the door on us when we were 10 people away. They had reached capacity...and we couldn't even buy our way in...believe me, we tried.
The alternative was Tunnel and it was rumoured that they would only be serving hot dogs and beer...which would NEVER have sustained me for the epic hockey game we were going to watch.
I made an executive decision and went back to the Earl's by my place and score primo seats. It was the only thing that kept me together during those long OT minutes. I was literally and physically shaking while watching! And I also decided that cheating on lent was ok, two days in a row because I didn't cheat last Sunday. Wings and Ribs are Hockey...
Thank goodness Team Canada played their best game of hockey this Olympics because the US played well. Not AS well as Team Canada, but it was a nail biter right down to the wire.
Stayed home for the closing ceremonies and as soon as got ready to go to bed, my allergies decided to rear its very violent head. I couldn't even lie down, let alone breathe through my nose. I was (and still am) a guppy or a "mouth breather". So ashamed.
Emailed my boss to regale her of my health issues and decided to take a sick day and/or work from home tomorrow. I need a reactin! Wah wah wah

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