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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oh what a day! Started off with a very expensive lunch hour that left me starved! Arranged to have my tire fixed yesterday, and went around 10 (yes, that is my lunch time) to go have it put onto my car. $100 bucks later, I am back at the office, and wondering why I'm still hungry!
Left work around 2:30 and walked by the insane line-up for entry into the Bay. Only during the Olympics would there EVER be a line-up for the Bay. I don't remember the last time I was shopping in a department store (oh, wait, it might have been around the last Clinique Bonus). Thankfully, I already have all the O-gear I need, a jersey, THE mitts and a toque.
Walked down to meet a friend at the German Fan Fest (not to be confused with the German Savoy House). Despite hearing about the delish and must-try Thuringian sausages, I abstained and stuck to my guns with a beer instead. Headed over the BC Place and passed by the Power Smart pavilion again, but this time...Quatchi and Miga were there for a photo op! It was nice...I think I robbed Quatchi of his innocence...just a little.
After that, we wondered over to Bell Ice Cube...! They had a signed torch from Crosby... They were giving away some earbuds, which you could hook up to the various dangling wires from the roof to hear the CAN vs SUI game. It was very futuristic, but we were definitely there for the cowBELL. I've never wanted one before, but for some reason, I need one now!
Headed over to BC Place for the victory ceremony, but needed to grab some food first. Being lent and all, I was debating between the Teriyaki Salmon (never like the way teriyaki is done by Caucasian folks), or a Veggie dog...guess which one I succumbed to?
There ceremony was interesting...with PEI presenting the best of PEI...which is apparently a dressed down version of HSM and Anne of Green Gables. After a rather long presentation, the medals came out! Compared to the last one we went to, which "only" celebrated the First Canadian to Win a Gold Medal on Canadian Soil - Alex Bilodeau, this ceremony was so much longer! We heard anthems from USA (Shaun White), China (Wang Meng), Norway (E. Svendsen), Germany (Tatjana Huefner ) and of course, Canada (Christine Nesbitt) came onto the podium!
Hedley performed after that, and the four teenagers in front of us promptly moved down for a better view. After listening to all the songs (that we recognize), it was time to go.
It's only Day 7, but I think the Olympics parties and events (and my Olympic work hours) are catching up to me. And just when I think the weekend will be my salvation...I realize that I should spend some time with my family too! So likely a brunch on Sunday with the folks...long overdue!

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