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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

Decided to watch another hockey game today with co-workers. Was planning on staying for just the first period so that we could head down to BC Place for the Victory Ceremony in plenty of time. Unfortunately, we ended up staying for the whole game, because you just can't leave when Canada is wiping the floor with I right? After the game, we headed over to BC Place where we pretty much missed most of the medals being awarded, but we did have an awesome time rocking out to INXS...the only oompa loompa vibe were the two pregnant ladies in front of us...dancing...I was worried that their water would break...way too preggo to be at a concert.
Had dinner afterwards at Burgoo - totally want to try their French Onion Soup next time...but the seafood chowder and grilled cheese were excellent too.
And as for the "special" part of the day...didn't happen.

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