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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oysters and Sauces...and Rodneys

In an attempt to not regain all the weight that I had lost recently, I decided to avoid meat for a few days...I could eat seafood and veggies. What better way to not feel as though you are sacrificing meat, you have to make sure you eat some decadent seafood. Oysters pretty much fit the bill. Off we went to Rodney's in search of some of the freshest oysters around, and very wide selection too.
Having been here several times, I know that the pile of shells grows fairly is how it looked when we first sat down, obviously, their night was just beginning.
We had barely plopped ourselves down and our server brought out some freshly warmed bread. The slices are thick, perfectly suited to the rustic-ness of the bread, full of herbs and grains.
Decided to get a dozen to start...half of the Kushi and half Kumomoto...the larger ones are the Kumomotos. They are larger, but not the grotesquely large ones that make you gag. The Kushis are tiny little things...but full of flavour of the sea.
Okay, because I had time while my friend was checking in on his pregnant wife...I managed to write down all the names of the sauces...and tried each on on its own. Hey, I just found a new use for the bread!

  • Johnny Reb's Espanola Hot Sauce - very Caribbean in flavour, garlicky and mustardy
  • Seawitch Sauce - kind of like salsa, but with a devilish touch
  • Shallot Vinaigrette - very French...a little mild but very traditional
  • Back from Hell - Grace Noel's (I should have this name) Grenadian pepper mixture 
  • White Boy Soul Sauce - little hotter than Hotter than hell, and it's a spicy heat
So this is the close-up...the Kumomoto is on the right, and the Kushi is on the left.
Very green...reusing their coasters...very commendable
Hands down my favourite...
We were only here about 45 minutes...look at the pile of shells grow! And I love the freshly grated horseradish. The restaurant is always busy, so if you don't have reservations, don't balk at sitting at the's a great place to catch the action. And if you sit at the bar, when they grate it they cover your wine with a coaster, so you don't end up wit spicy wine - how considerate. Rodney's Oyster House on Urbanspoon

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