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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dinner with an out of towner at Hai Phong

A few months ago, a friend of mine stopped by en route from Toronto (Markham) to Shanghai for work and had a day in Vancouver. We decided to head out for pho, just something simple and nothing too exotic. It's sort of comforting when you're boarding a plane for an 10+ hour flight.
Craving a little bit of grease, we decided to get an order of spring rolls to share. Perhaps we should have clarified that we only wanted 2, since they come in servings of 2, 4 or 6. Oh well, lesson learned. They are yummy though, and I like how they cut it into thirds instead of halfs. I always feel half is too much, and a third is just right.
I ordered my usual Pho Tai Sach..I just love my tripe. They don't serve the beef on the side here like Song Huong, but that's's still nice and rare. I had a hard time finding the tripe. The broth is really good, not too salty. To get really good flavour, squeeze some lime juice on it.
My ex-coworker was craving rice, so instead of pho, he got their barbecue chicken on rice...with a fried egg. It comes with a side of pork bone soup...which is just really soothing. I didn't try it, but I do like the crispy edges on the fried egg...  
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