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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lunch at Shangri-La - work related...

Time for a treat with a co-worker. We decided to head over to market by Jean-Georges for lunch as a rather indulgent treat (well, I decided for us). It's his expense account, and we were there to talk about work...of course. We went with the $32 prix fixe...two courses (an appetizer and a main) plus dessert. Lots of choices, but this combination we got is the best one yet.
I started with the Steamed Shrimp Salad...huge prawns perfectly steamed, not overly cooked and really meaty. There are loads of greens tossed in a light champagne dressing. It normally comes with half an avocado, sliced, but not being a fan of avocado, I asked for mine without.  
I made my co-worker order the Black Truffle Pizza, just so I could have a slice. Good thing he's obedient! This pizza is amazing...I know, not much to look at, but definitely amazing when it arrives. It just smells SO good. They use fontina cheese, so nice and mild and doesn't overpower the truffles. A smattering of greens covers the entire thing. It's not huge, maybe 8" in diameter, but so rich!
I decided against getting the Market Burger this time around (dieting, you know) and settled on the Grilled Tuna Burger instead. What a great choice! The burger comes open faced with tiny pickles and greens on one side, and a thick grilled tuna patty.
I love the nicely grilled bun as well. The patty has a bit of a kick to's really mild, hard to place, but if you glance at the menu, the secret is shiso! It's minced into the burger and gives it that something special.
My co-worker decided to go even healthier that me, and went for the Simply Cooked West Coast Red Snapper. Sitting on top of creamy mashed potatoes, the fish was gently poached and lightly seasoned with salt and cracked pepper. The greens were slightly warm and wilted, complimenting the mild flavour of the fish. I didn't get to try this, but I believe the swirl was Truffle yummy!
And the perfect way to end this meal...chocolate pudding with gently whipped cream, and topped with crystallized violets.
But I have to warn you, this is rich! The whipped cream is light, but you almost have to dig through it to get to the chocolate pudding. It's worth the dig, but whoa, you probably hit daily your sugar quota with this little dessert. Market By Jean-Georges (Shangri-La Hotel) on Urbanspoon

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