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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

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Had a nice surprise when a friend dropped by downtown and we headed out for lunch. I've been meaning to check out The Corner Suite Bistro on Thurlow for the past three months since they have been opened, so that was where we headed.
Despite my 2.5" heels, I decided to walk over to the restaurant instead of getting a ride. Thankfully, it was closer than I expected.
The room is gorgeous, with simple lines and a strong blue and black colour scheme. Another nice touch is the cut-out table, featuring a holder for your dinner (or lunch) napkin.

Had a nice pinot grigio to start, and settled in to check out the menu. My friend decided on a Jack and Coke, but waitress said they didn't have Jack. After a few minutes, she came back with her suggestion of Johnny Walker Black Label instead. And then a few minutes later, she came back and had discovered Jack while she was gone.
As I looked over the menu, the pages upon pages of cheese made me completely distracted. Settled on the Croque Madame, though there were a few other things on the menu that tempted me.
Their $24.07 special is a steal...featuring an appy of the day along with a chef's special main. Unfortunately for me, the special feature concentrated around scallops, which I am not too fond of. The CM is a toasted sammy loaded with Gruyere cheese and ham. A sunny side up egg sits on top, and is served with buttermilk onion rings and a tossed green salad. Hard to believe I actually finished the whole thing.
For those of you who just want a nibble, try the Croque Mademoiselle which is the same sandwich, but only one-eighth of it. A perfect appy to go with another of their mains. Instead of using a chicken egg, the sammy is topped with a fried quail egg!
My friend opted for their spot prawns (now in season) with their crispy pork belly, which came with some yummy fava beans. the prawns were juicy and sweet, and the skin on the pork belly...done right and super crispy!
Despite not having any room left for dessert or cheeses, I had to review that cheese list again. They have Epoisses, my all time favourite cheese from my meal in Paris at Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athene. They also have my second favourite cheese, the munster (from France, not the American version). I know I am going to be back.

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