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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Surprise Sunday

Church's Chicken on Urbanspoon
I don’t eat fried chicken. That being said, Church’s is the only fried chicken I ever eat. So when a friend called on Sunday evening offering to bring dinner, I said, “Surprise me”. My only stipulation? No Pho, McDonalds, sushi or pizza. So when he showed up at the door with a bag behind his back, I was uber curious. Church's is served!
I love eating the dark meat, which is always juicer than white meat. The crispy skin is great, but I soak it with the pickled jalapeño juice and seeds until the skin radiates with heat.
I then did my ritual: loaded up the paper serving trays with four packs of ketchup and 6 bags of pepper. There were fries too, freshly made to order. And since these fries are so much heartier than the McD fries, it stands up well to gravy. A box of fries and a tub of gravy. Harmony done right.
Decadence is dinner!

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