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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maui - departure and arrival

Bags are packed, and we're finally on the way to Maui...flight is at 5 but we don't get there until 9ish, so must bring dinner with us on the plane. When travelling, your best options are probably Starbucks, Tims or one of the three fast food giants, McDs, Burger King or A&W.
As I walked to our gates, I didn't want Starbucks and a Tim's sammy had no draw for me at all. But as we kept on walking, we passed a Burger King and I was drawn to it...I admit my shame...Bacon Double Cheeseburger...and Fries...but a DIET coke.
Fully intended to eat it while I was enjoying my InFlight Entertainment...only to discover, when we were boarding, that our flight had none. We were on the one plane that Air Canada didn't equip with seatback televisions. I guess they figure you don't need it if you are heading to Maui? The movies being shown on the Big Screen were Invictus and The Firm (yes, the old one with Tom Cruise).
Needless to say, I was glad I brought my DS - Cooking Mama...take me away! Scrabble has its competition now. After a rather uneventful flight, the four of us arrived into OGG and went in search of a rental car. Scored ourselves a nice little silver Dodge Calibre.
An hour later, we arrived at the Honua Kai resort at Kaanapali Beach.
The room. Home for the next few days. 
The kitchen drawer. I find it insane that they have everything laid out so neatly. Making me feel very inadequate.
The oven. Seriously...were we the first person to take this condo? How is there not on iota of splatter on the oven base? Whoever cleaned this needs to come to Vancouver and do mine.
The bed. Ahh...a king I've missed you.
The bathroom. Dual sinks...must take turns spitting into both.
And suddenly, I realized how hungry I was. Digging into my carry-on, I discovered my BDC! The fries were inhaled during the flight, but the burger escaped unharmed, but no more.
Popping the sandwich into the microwave, I was ready to devour it! *actually, I did before I even took a picture of a 6-hour old burger...thank me later.* Since others had arrived earlier in the week, they shared some of their leftovers with us, namely a roasted chicken carcass. We also ventured into the grocery store and scored some proscuitto, and lots of chips, including a weird Shrimp chip concoction as well as spicy cheetos. The cheetos served as a side to the chicken carcass.
Settled in for a quick meal to settle the stomach before having a few drinks. We bought a bottle of Absolut Citron on to the plane and proceeded to finish the bottle with the rest of the group.
Something new I tried tonight...cigars...real Cubans...probably lost on me though since I have no frame of reference for good versus bad cigars. Ciggies I'd know, cigars I'm not so good with.
One thing I remember from Miss Yu...why would i want to keep sucking on something that gets shorter and softer the more I do it?

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