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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Plate Wednesday?

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Back from Maui and Back to work. Only way to make this week right is to head out for lunch as frequently as possible. Didn't get the break I wanted on my first day back, but today, I managed to head over to Joe Fortes for a quickie...lunch, that is.
Though their $9.95 Blue Plate special was what drew me there (their Wednesday special is the Grilled Salmon Caesar), I didn't feel like a salad once I sat down. First of all, I was pretty hungry. But second of all, it was a rather dreary wet day, and definitely demanded something more soothing to lift the spirit. So, we both ordered their Two-Course lunch special for $14.95.
I decided to get a small Caesar Salad anyways and he got the soup, bless him, so I could try it. And actually, I was in the mood for soup. The soup came piping hot, which was great, because too many restaurants now serve room temperature soup. Loaded with clams, and super tasty, it was really good! I kept dipping my bread into it to get some more.
My salad was perfect, with a generous portion of parmesan cheese, unlike the epic failure of the three-cheese blob that the Keg tries to pass off. I followed up my salad bigtime, with a 5oz rare Sirloin with mashed potatoes. He opted for a less artery-clogging choice of the Fresh Shrimp Linguine.
My sirloin grilled perfectly rare, and nestled on a bed of pureed potatoes that were so smooth you could drink them. Off to the side were some corn niblets, tomatoes, and pearl onions, I love pearl onions!
His pasta was good, loaded with lots of fresh shrimp, not prawns, but not exactly baby shrimp either. Nice tangy sauce, but there is an herb in there that I'm not a fan's the same thing that's in the Swiss Chalet sauce...oregono? tarragon? thyme??? All in all, a great deal for $15...great food, great service.

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