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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Placeholder - Reminder - Self-Nagging

Must blog about the delicious food I had while I was in Maui last week (May 15-21).

  1. A bacon double cheeseburger that flew with me from YVR airport
  2. Instant Noodles with Spam and a fried egg (fried in Spam fat) servede with a side of bacon and tater tots. Strange combo, yes, but it works.
  3. A beautiful sunset wedding followed by amazing food.
  4. Brunch at Longhi's and the waiter with mad skills with the glasses.
  5. The first of two visits to the MacDonalds in search of Spam, we failed on the first try, thus the second attempt later.
  6. Luau: AYCE: poke, marinated octopus, salmon, and the pig!
  7. CJ Comfort Food boasting the best Maui Onion Gravy on their Loco Moco
  8. Shaved ice from Ululani, where we found a Boston hockey fan!
  9. Birthday BBQ at the hotel
  10. Cane and Taro, for more Loco Moco (seafood and traditional), SaiMin and a Deep Fried French Toast Sandwich, ugh.
  11. Army of Spam Musubi discovered, photographed and devoured lovingly.
  12. Duke's - round one, dinner of ribs so tender you don't need a knife and seafood risotto, eaten steps away from the ocean
  13. MacDonalds, second visit, Spam discovered! Traditional Deluxe Breakfast, who needs pancakes? Oh, and yes the infamous Saimin.
  14. Duke's - round two, lunch of calamari and chicken a rib Mixed Plate.
  15. Shaved ice - new flavours.

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