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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Brown's Social House - Burnaby

Brown's in Burnaby is super close to my place, as are Earl's, Cactus Club and Joey's. Because they have Happy Hour specials everyday though, I find myself frequenting them more than the others. Oh sure, I'll still head to Earl's on Wing Wednesdays, but Cactus and Joey's have done nothing to ensure my repeat business though. This is a post of their appetizers. Click here for a post of lunch offerings.
2013-06-04 20.08.56
I do enjoy the Nachos here, they added extra cheese and made it ultra gooey, as per our request. While I prefer beef on my nachos, they don't do the ground beef version here, instead, we added the Chipotle and Lime Chicken. With more than enough jalapenos and other garnish on the plate, this was a rich dish and perfect for sharing.
2013-06-04 20.44.13 And this is the Tuna Stack, which we ordered because my mom is not really a meat-eater. Essetially a tuna tartar/ceviche appetizer with a hearty dose of avocado. The bread was a good accompaniment, but could have been toasted a bit more. The seafood/cocktail sauce on the bottom was pretty bland but thankfully, the tuna itself was flavourful enough. 
2013-09-15 17.19.41 And because they are on special everyday for just $6 (3-6pm), you have to get the Dry Ribs. Upon looking at this picture, it seems like a smaller than usual portion. Mental note, come back outside of these times to see if portion sizes are indeed different.
2013-09-15 17.19.32 The Chicken Wings on the other hand are healthier portion. And I know it looks like there are all wings (as requested), a few drumettes were hidden below. Light, crispy and well-seasoned, these are great because they are not overly oily.
2013-06-04 20.45.39 We just needed one more we opted for the Baby Back BBQ Pork Ribs. The BBQ sauce was a little gummy, but the meat itself was super tender, yes, "falling off the bone" tender. The sides were quite small. The coleslaw was really fresh, and I could have used just a bit more of it. To make the meal more substantial, you can choose to have pasta instead of the fries.

Take Note:

  • Cheap wings and ribs daily 3-6pm
  • $5 bellinis everyday
  • Brunch served on weekends, 10am-2pm

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