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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Samsung Slide-in Flex Duo Range

Last week, I was invited to Yew at the Four Seasons to watch Chef Ned Bell showcase the new Samsung Slide-in Flex Duo Range. It's a new item that will really appeal to all the extreme dinner party hostesses out there.
2013-10-03 16.01.19
Instead of getting a dual wall over, you can now get one oven that can cook at two different temperatures. The compartments are adjustable, and there is no flavour transfer between the two sections! Genius! Image 3 There are a total of five burners, one triple, three singles and a warming burner as well. The warming burner is great when you're not quite ready to serve, but you don't want to keep reducing a sauce. It's one thing I miss about my old stove.   Image 2
I also loved the sleekness of the design as well as the giant knobs. This image is making me hate my standard issue Whirlpool stove that came with my apartment. The controls have a bit of intuition too, it actually eliminates choices for your when you start making selections. Once you've selected certain options, others will not illuminate so that you can't make the wrong choices.
2013-10-03 16.32.32
This was the station that greeted's sall about the Passion for Fresh! Fortunately, there weren't any utensils, so we couldn't do too much damage to ourselves!  2013-10-03 17.12.00 Chef Ned Bell fileted two fish, a Steelhead Trout and a Salmon. He then used the oven to showcase how the two compartments work. He caramelized one with heat on the bottom and the other one was broiled. You can really see the difference when they come out of the oven.  2013-10-03 17.47.52 After the cooking demonstration, we were treated to a dinner at Yew where Chef Ned Bell made us dinner. Unfortunately, I had to leave early but I did manage to try the first course! This was the Ocean Humpback Shrimp, there is a bit of kale pesto, a lots of crispy kale. There was a hint of a yogurt dressing but the start was defintely the shrimp. They were bouncy, sweet and cooked perfectly! This was all I got to eat that night, but I think it was a great bite!  2013-10-08 16.58.37 The fine fold from Samsung also gave us some swag. How did they know that my bambook cutting board was cracking? Oh, and the oven mitt will definitely come in handy too.

The Duo Range is about $2700 and honestly, if I could afford it, I would buy this in a minute. 

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