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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Chinese Bites - O Grill Yakiniku

Another Signature Chinese Bites dinner! Although this one isn't really Chinese Bites, since it is at a Korean BBQ. However, we're not going to let a little technicality get in our way. grill This is the simple set-up, a grill with some water on the outer edges. There is a salt and pepper grinder, as well as some of the togarashi and a metal container of chopped green onions.  IMG_4258 While waiting for the grill to be heated, we were served some Chicken Karaage. The seasoning is simple, salt and pepper and some Chinese-style seasoning salt. These were a bit oily, and the chicken was a bit fatty but the crunch was unmistakeable. IMG_4262 We also got some Fried Squid and these were pretty good. I like the tentacles the best and there were plenty of it. The batter is lighter than the chicken, and I would order this over the chicken.  IMG_4265
I know these look a bit like fish balls, but they are actually Sweet Potato Balls. They are a little gooey, and the deep fried coating is lightly sweetened as well. Served with a bit of condensed milk and some crushed peanuts.They don't look like much, but they are actually quite addictive. IMG_4270 Another cooked item we tried was the Mixed Mushrooms. The main mushroom is the enoki, and then topped with some shimeji. The sauce is buttery but needed a bit of salt, which we thankfully had at our table! If you are a mushroom fan, you'll appreciate the earthiness of this mixture.  IMG_4267 We had some Beef Short Rib to start, and the two sauces are a basic barbecue and a Korean hot sauce. Add some of the chopped green onion available at the table to each for additional flavours. laceholder placeholder IMG_4274 The meats are thinly sliced and cook up quickly. They do stick to the grill a bit and be sure to turn them quickly before they are burnt. Just nudge them a bit and if they are sticking, leave it alone. But once they give, then give them a flip and get ready to eat! IMG_4278 This is the Pork Jowl/Cheek, and yes, with the large amount of fat present, flareups are to be expected. Some of the smoke can be a bit overpowering, their vents could be a bit stronger. Depending on where you sit, you can either freeze while eating, or get mouthfuls of smoke as your food cooks. Try to avoid sitting at the corner tables, that's where we were seated and we alternated being freezing cold and overwhelmed by smoke. IMG_4282 There are a few rice dishes on the menu, and this is their Minced Pork on Rice. The meat is seasoned well, with just a touch of sweetness. The rice benefits from the sauciness of the pork and makes for good comfort food.  IMG_4288 This is the Premium Beef Steak hitting the gril. The meats are frozen but keep your eye on it, they still cook quite quickly. Add a bit of salt when you add the meat and again when you flip it over, it's all you really need, despite the lack of marinade on the meat.  IMG_4293 pWe also tried two types of chicken, A Mild Spicy one and Basil one. The Basil one was marinated very well (as opposed to most of the beef and pork) and it was very delightful. The Spicy version was good as well, but paled in comparison to the basil version. IMG_4298 They also gave us some Shrimp, and they are great on the grill. Just a few minutes on each side and dunk into the sauces at your table. It's probably one of the least fattening items on the menu.  IMG_4299 In what I would consider the only real miss of the night, this is the Asparagus Salad. Sliced up asparagus with a bit of thousand island dressing. I wouldn't order this unless you are a huge fan of either.meats pWe also got some other meats, namely the Pork Belly, Toro Beef and something disturbing called Beef Fingers. The corn was a welcome vegetable, better than the asparagus salad, for sure. I decided to baste the corn with the pork belly, and it turned out to be an interesting experiment. Bacon-flavoured corn. The meats are pretty similar once cooked, I couldn't really tell them apart. IMG_4316 They gave us several dessert, and this is the Caramel Ice Cream (with bean powder). I don't know what bean powder is, but it didn't add much to the ice cream.  The ice cream didn't seem homemade, but the decoration made it work.  IMG_4317 This is the other dessert that stuck in my mind, their Mochi. It came with the same side sauce/topping as the sweet potato balls. Give the mochi a quick grill and dip into the sauce then peanuts. It works and lets you play with the grill right to the very end. They also have Smores for dessert! It would be so fun to play with that on the grill!

Take Note:

  • It can get smokey in there.
  • The meats are frequently served frozen, just throw it on the grill.
  • Make your sauce better with the green onion and ask for more if you need it.
**O Grill Yakiniku hosted Chinese Bites for this tasting but my opinions are my own.**

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