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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Grand Opening of Grain

Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit both the restaurants at the Vancouver Hyatt. The first event was the Grand Opening of their lounge, called Grain. The second one is my next post featuring an epic Chef's  Table dinner from Chef Heinrich. 
meats at grain 
To accompany their tasty cocktails, they had a wide selection of Charcuterie featuring meats from Oyama Sausage Company. There is the usual Italian Salami, some Beef Bresaola and your trusty Prosciutto. But they also have more exotic things, such as a basque Style Chorizo, and a Duck Prosciutto. 
charcuterie at grain 4
We were treated to a bit of everything, and it was a huge smorgasbord of meaty goodness. And you can help yourself, going back for some of your favourites. 
my place at grain
This was my first (of a few) plates, and I tried to get a bit of everything. I liked the Duck Prosciutto the best, but it was a bit fatty. The Toscano Prosciutto was a bit leaner and just as tender. 
condiments at grain
All their charcuterie boards are served with a Grainy and a non-Grainy Mustard (made in-house), some Pickled Capers and Gherkins. The tang of the veggies and mild heat of the mustard complement the meats very well. 
prawns served up at grain
They also have a selection of seafood; the first one I sampled was their Prawn Cocktail. Served in individual plates with just a touch of Seafood Sauce, these prawns were plump and very sweet! I felt guilty but I think I inhaled about four of them, in about a minute. 
oysters at grain
And the other amazing seafood appetizer they offered up were Freshly Shucked Oysters. Who can say now to these. Look how cleanly these are shucked, not a speck of shell anywhere!
This is my favourite cocktail of the evening, Vanilla Sky. Although the base is Canadian Club Whisky, this drink was surpringly light. I think the lemon juice really lightens it up, and the vanilla extract give it a rich sweetness. I think my favourite ingredient of them all if this Egg White. I'm in love with cocktails with egg whites lately, and this is a prime reason why. Try it for yourself, you'll love it!
Chef Heinrich
And this is the chef that is overseeing all of the food, Chef Heinrich. My next post? His epic Chef's Table at Mosaic. Stay tuned!

Take Note:

  • Give their Ginger Pear Martini a try, perfect for a hot day!
  • Like it Spicy? Try the Kiwi's Big Adventure, with fresh jalapeno.
  • Best deal for lunch? Prime Rib Salad with a 64 degree egg for just $14 
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