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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Brunch at Black and Blue

In April, The Roof opened at the Third Floor of Black and Blue on Alberni and it quickly became the place to be. See my highlights of their media launch here. With the weather being sunnier in recent weeks, this patio quickly because the "it" place . To my delight, they announced that they would be starting brunch service on weekends! 
menu brunch black and blue The start date for brunch was May 3, and that's when I decided to give them a try! They already serve lunch on weekdays, but I was eager to see what brunch items they would showcase. The above is the small, focused menu. There are the Brunch staples of Eggs Florentine, Omelette and two Eggs Benny. I'm probably looking for something a bit more interesting, wouldn't you agree?
Ryan Black and Blue Here is Chef Ryan Gauthier, the corporate chef for Glowbal Group, working the line on The Roof's first ever Brunch service. 
2013-05-04 13.46.07 
Sitting on a sunny patio practically begs for you to have a beverage, coffee just doesn't cut it, even at brunch time. We opted for a few cold ones, one Prosecco and a well-garnished Caesar. The prosecco is cold and bubbly, and the garnish on the Caesar is insane, a stuffed olive, pepperoni and a pickled pepper (I guess now we know Where's the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?!)
2013-05-04 13.51.23-1 
This Phyllo Prawn is an appetizer on their lunch menu, but is also available for brunch. These are a spinoff of the Noodle Wrapped Prawns at Urban Thai in Yaletown. They are different though, instead of being wrapped in a denser noodle, the phyllo pastry surrounding these larger prawns are light and super crunchy. 
It's a huge messy affair, but super fun at the same time. The prawns sit on a slightly tangy chili sauce which offer a pleasant tang to the sweetness of the prawns. It's probably one of the more fun dishes I've had in a while.
phyllo prawns black and blue Here is a close up, and although the phyllo might look a bit greasy, you certainly don't taste it.
2013-05-04 14.25.47 So, let's dig into the brunch menu. We opted for the Breakfast Flatbread. I mean after all, it contains the brunch staples of Double Smoked Bacon and Eggs. In addition, there are some diced potatoes, halved gem tomatoes and two cheese, with aged white cheddar and mozzarella
This was insanely good, I loved the runny egg, the charred crust and the cheesy goodness from the two blends of cheese. T he potatoes and tomatoes are diced finely and complemented the chewy bread. It's so much fun playing with a softly cooked egg, trying to avoid popping the yolk, but welcoming the inevitable when it happens. 
Steak and Eggs Black and Blue 4 Next up? The Steak and Eggs. We opted for Soft-Poached Eggs, again tempting fate with the runny yolk, but you can choose to have your eggs anyway you like. You also get two Tenderloin Medallions and everything is served with Blistered Tomatoes and Roasted Potatoes, with a Lightly Dressed Salad. All this food combined for quite a filling dish with a wide variety of tastes, textures and flavours. This was one of the two priciest items on the menu at $18, but they do have more affordable options. 
For example, they have the Roof Breakfast for just $12, and comes with sausage, bacon, eggs and more. It's a great price for the stunning rooftop dining atmosphere. Afterall, the Nat's Hearty at White Spot will run you $10.49.
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