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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Suika - Round Two!

Suika has partnered up with VANEATSca before, see the previous package here. This time they are offering something completely different.
This #SupaSUIKA package, available for $35 includes the following:
  • Salmon Battera, sockeye salmon, salmon caviar, spicy cod roe mayo, Japanese basil, avocado, shiso
  • Magical Mojito Pitcher, choose from watermelon, pomegranate and aloe flavours (regular price $28)
  • Steak Salad, diced & marinated AAA beef filet steaks on organic greens topped with watercress and beets 
  • Ma-Po Rice Cake, deep fried rice cake with spicy ground pork sauce
First up was the Mojito Pitcher. Whoa, this is a lot of liquid for two people, whether or not it's boozy! In the end, we left about a third of it. We got the watermelon flavour and it was really refreshing.Beef Salad This is the Beef Salad, with chunks of beef filet on a bed of organic greens. I found the meat to be a little bit on the tough side, probably because it was a bit too well-done. The dressing was nice and light, making it a great appetizer. 
salmon battera Next up is the Salmon Battera, which was a pressed salmon with some ikura on top. The shiso is amazing and I really enjoyed this dish. I was under the impression that it was supposed to be torched but ours had only a very faint hint of that. Mapo Sticky Rice This was my favourite dish of the #SupaSUIKA package, MaPo Rice Cake. These little bundles of rice were fried and then drizzled with a spicy ground pork sauce. The texture of the rice is amazing, chewy and slightly crispy, I could have cleaned this up all by myself. 
Tako Karaage So that's it for the #SupaSUIKA package. Everything from here on in is extras we paid for ourselves. This is the Tako Karaage, sort of like Japanese Calamari. It was a bit oily and not as crunchy as I would have liked. It did go down nicely with the mojito though!Grilled Gindara Another appetizer we tried was the Grilled Gindara, and this was really good. I would say this was probably the highlight of the night. Moist flesh with a lightly crispy skin and a sweetness that can't be beat. Tokyo Ramen We needed some carbs to finish up with, so we got their Tokyo Ramen, with slow braised oxtail. This was outstanding, with tender bone-in chunks of oxtail as well as perfectly cooked ramen. The meat to noodle ratio was amazing and the broth was a nice mix of salty and sweet. Kakuni Bibimbap Our final dish of the night was the Kakuni Bibimbap. The pork had a nice amount of fat and the meat was super tender. Mixing it into the rice was a breeze, with the ample sauce they gave us. The deal is available for purchase now until June 30, 2013. Go and get yours today!

See the VANEATSca offer and video here.

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