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Friday, March 25, 2011

Poor Italian with mom and stepdad

Another lovely meal with my parents, this time at Poor Italian. We have been here several times and have never been disappointed.
The bread basket is always amazing, with a large selection of flavours and textures. But be careful, don't fill up on the bread, lots of yummy pastas to come! 
Just a perfect swirl of butter to enhance the freshly heated bread. It's room temperature, so you don't tear apart your bread trying to get some on it.
I picked the wine tonight, and we went with a Petite Syrah - Bogle. A bit too rich for my mom, but my stepdad and I both enjoyed it. Pairs well with our dishes too. 
My mom wanted something light (as in non-meaty) so she ordered their Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms. Well, done with brown butter sauce, this wasn't exactly a light dish. Topped with some pecorino and sage this was a real comfort dish. But it was heavy, so she ended up taking half of it home,  
My stepdad and I decided to share the lamb, and it was a generous portion as well. Lots of potatoes and grilled veggies accompanied the dish. Had we known that this was such a large meal, we probably wouldn't have ordered the other dish below.
My all-time favourite pasta is Tagliatelle with Pappardelle being a close second. Their tagliatelle was in a gorgonzola cream sauce, which was too rich for me. Their Pappardelle was with Braised Veal Cheeks an in a fresh thyme and red wine sauce. We have a winner! 
Here is my half of dinner, a little veggies, a lot of lamb and a nice pile of pappardelle!  
We had asked for the lamb to be done medium rare, and it was. Juicy on the inside with just a little pink, but nicely grilled and charred on the outside too.   
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