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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doing the big G

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Last week, I decided to have lunch at Giovane Cafe (Day 2 of Lent) so meat was out of the question. Upon deciding to come here, I reviewed the menu online and discovered quite a few veggie friendly options. I was interested in the Pizzas, and they had a few Paninis that piqued my interest too.
After getting parking, we found the restaurant easily by looking for the big yellow G. You can't miss it. The pizzas aren't on display because they are being made-to-order in the back. You simply place and pay for your order, grab a table and bring your sign to your table. Once the food is ready, a server brings it to you.
The amazing Funghi Misto Bosco is loaded with truffled forest mushrooms and tallegio, one of my favourite cheeses! There is also the unmistakeable flavour of leeks throughout, and you can see the bits of thyme that are scattered throughout the pizza.
I really wanted to try their Bianca pizza, loaded with mozza, fontina with garlic and rosemary and topped with a light sprinkling of rock salt. Sounds so simple but tastes so good when the ingredients are fresh and the focus of the dish. I love how the cheese bubbles and gets just a bit charred and puffy. Because the tastes are so simple, you get a bit of the rosemary and garlic in each bite. 
Although I gave up coffee for Lent, B got an espresso purely for this photo-op. This is probably the first time I'm have a pretty design on my drink. But now, having seen this for myself IRL, I think I'm going to be a fan of coffee art from now on!
There are tons of other things that I want to try here...namely the Diavola Pizza (cappicoli, basil and garlic) and the Charcuterie (soppressata, prosciutto, genoa salami, peperonata and fontina) Panini. I will be back once I can indulge in meats again. I might even bring B back when he's allowed to have sweets again, so we can try their famous Sugar Bun (filled with vanilla pastry cream).
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    mmm that looks delish.

  2. Hi...thanks for following...and yes, can't w ait to go back and try their paninis...

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