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Sunday, March 27, 2011

AYCE Brunch at Thai House (Kits)

The Thai House location brought back their All-You-Can-Eat Brunch on weekends sometime in January. We checked it out last month and got to sample quite a few dishes. 
One all-time favourite is their Larb Gai aka Lettuce Wrap - as someone who loves to play with their food, it doesn't get much better than this. Tender morsels of chicken tossed in Thai spices and mixed with veggies and fried vermicelli. It's definitely one of the highlights here.
Next up - Por Pia Tod aka Spring Rolls! While I rarely order these either at Dim Sum or at other places as an a la carte option, I find them irresistible at #AYCE joints...I know I inhaled quite a few of these at the Chilli House Thai Bistro buffet a while back too. I usually skip the sweet/sour sauce, preferring to keep the crunch factor high. 
And for some reason, chicken wings keep popping up at AYCE too. These aren't their famous Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wings (stuffed with vegetables and glass noodles), instead it's simply marinated and deep-fried, served with the same sweet/sour sauce as the spring rolls. 
One of their all-time popular dishes is their #19 - Cashew Chicken. We ordered this as well, and the dish is loaded with veggies, chicken and crunchy cashews.
We also tried with Beef Rice Noodle, which is actually made with their pad thai noodles, as opposed to the wider rice noodle you would expect. Again, lots of veggies here, carrots, broccoli and even baby corn! 
And seeing as we were in a Thai restaurant, we had to order their one of their curries to try, so we got the Green Curry with Chicken.  This was fairly mild, with just a hint of heat (but I can eat really spicy foods). The sauce was fairly thin, so just ladle some into your bowl of steam rice on the side. 
Needing just a bit more, we decided to go for a bit more veggies. Simply tossed and coarsely chopped, it was a good accompaniment to the green curry. 
This is their traditional Pad Thai and I really enjoyed it. Loads of noodles, topped with shrimp and mixed with a not too sour sauce. I also liked the fact that it wasn't orange, as you find in some other places. This is a must-try. If it isn't spicy enough for you, get some sriracha on the side and you're all set! 
All this and dessert too? Yes - we got their mango ice cream and their chocolate ice cream as dessert. Nice way to end the meal. For $16.95, I'd say this was a good #AYCE deal. Only available at their Kits location and only on the weekends! 
What are some of your favourite All-you-can-eat buffets? Share your idea so I can try them too! 
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