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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cafeteria - another Durbach invention

I met up with a fellow tweeter for dinner at another Durbach creation. Their menu is ever changing and on the night we went, they had two amazing main dishes that caught our eye.
She got the Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallop, served on a bed of corn and pea risotto, surrounded by a pool of carrot jus. Accompanied with broccolini and some roasted peppers, this was a light but well-rounded dish.
I didn't try the scallop, but looking at the crispiness of the prosciutto and the obvious juiciness of the scallop, I knew she would have zero complaints.
I was in an indulgent mood, and got the Crispy Roast Chicken. I had hear that it was a sizeable portion, but I figured I could get it to go if I couldn't finish. At first glance, when it arrived, I didn't think it was too overwhelming. But once I moved the half chicken aside...
I saw the pile of olive oil mashed potatoes, laced with rosemary and garlic, along wit baby carrots, peas and some brussel sprouts. This was a much bigger dish than I expected! Oh boy, but the skin was so crispy, it was the first thing I devoured. I am always hesitant with chicken breast, since they usually get very dry but this place was different, the juiciness was still there! Needless to say, I inhaled this dish...
For dessert, V got the Pannetone Bread Pudding with a boozy custard (their words, not mine) looked amazing but way too decadent for me. 
I love restaurants that have rotating features, but I don't think you should be changing the whole menu on a regular basis. As a patron, I'm going to a  restaurant because there is something there I love, so it would be best if they had some "standbys" and then added new items to their rotation. What do you guys think? 
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