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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chow Mein, Wontons and Bbq Duck at Congee Noodle House

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After a rather disastrous dinner of chicken chow mein a few weeks ago at Honolulu Cafe, I decided to go back to my tried and true Congee Noodle House to get my fix.
Super crunchy...I love how they don't pour the sauce over ALL the noodles and leave some unsoaked bits. The sauce fairly mild, chicken broth based and loaded with bean sprouts, sliced mushrooms and chicken strips. 
Take some of the crispy bits out, then spoon some sauce over it, and then if you're like me, pile a load of chili oil on it. For chow mein, I prefer chili oil because it is easy to drizzle all over. For fried rice noodles or something like that, I use chili paste, because it's easier to spread that way. I's a very personal thing.
We also ordered Wonton with Rice noodles, a very easy version of comfort food. Soft noodles easy to slurp, a clean and clear broth that you can sip. It's a classic. One complaint I have about rice noodles is that they are really absorbent, and as such, they absorb the broth quicker than I can eat them. I've been left with a bowl of noodles and no broth at all.
The wontons here are amazing...loaded with chunks of shrimp in a very thin wrapper, it's perfect.
But my absolute favourite noodly comfort food is the BBQ Duck with Lai Fun. I've always loved the gamey, livery like texture of duck. The skin is crispy with a thin layer of fat. I could eat this everyday.
Theses noodles are less absorbent, which is a good thing, because these slippery noodles are tough to eat. Chopsticks and patience are the two tools you need to enjoy this dish. Be sure to ask for plum sauce when you get this, it's perfect for dipping the duck in. The sweetness of this sauce is a great way to balance the game-i-ness of the duck.
Do you have a favourite noodle combination? I would love to try new options because quite honestly, I'm getting a little bored of mine!
Oh, and two very important notes: they are "cash-only", and they do run out of stuff. Friends of mine have gone there post-Canucks action, and they were out of the BBQ Duck and the Roast Pork. Go early to avoid disappointment!

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