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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tomato Cafe

Looking for a brunch place where the noise level isn't too high, so you can catch up properly with an old friend, or even to talk business, all while munching on good food? Try Tomato. I had a meeting there recently and found the place very condusive to conversation. The bright space and the relaxed atmosphere is amazing.
I didn't get a chance to take photos of everyone's food, but here is a shot of my Italian Countryside. Packed with prosciutto, boccocini, tomato, watercress & roasted pepper mayonnaise, it delivers quite a punch.  So simple but so good. You know the ingredients are fresh because that's all there is. It's toasted nicely and served with a pickle. Nothing more, nothing less, but it's a perfect combo.
Because the food went into our tummies faster than the conversation ended, I got a latte to finish off the meal. They let you order either by the cup or the bowl. I got the bowl. It was yummy although everyone at the table was staring at me as a slurped it up like soup.
Oh well, I enjoyed it very much and would love to come back and try their dinners sometime. Have you been here for dinner? What do you recommend?
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