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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sloppress Launch

See the amazing selection of cheeses that Benton Brothers brought to the Sloppress Launch? I was just at their booth at Taste of BC and this was the exact BC cheese here at all. in the upper left is my favourite cheese in the world...Epoisse...if you like your cheese and get this!

Below are a selection of items from Re-Up BBQ and Dragon Truck - in fact, that's how we found the place, because the truck was parked out front! 
The infamous pulled pork sandwich...
It was good, but I think I will need to try it from the truck for full effect. I scored some chocolate too, but had it in my purse and then nommed it before I took a picture. I do recall, it was from Hagensborg and waas their Truffle Pig...sort of what my nickname should be. 

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