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Monday, July 15, 2013

Richmond Station - Toronto

On a recent trip to Toronto, (more YYZ eats here) I had the pleasure of trying Top Chef Canada Winner Carl Heinrich's restaurant, Richmond Station. Menu changes frequently, so make sure to try what's fresh. That's what I did. 
IMG_3440 One item that seems to be a regular on the menu is their Quinoa Salad. I've been in love with quinoa since I tried a salad at IK2G0. This version is loaded with small pieces of broccoli, asparagus, radish, fresh peas and some sunflower seeds. There was some crispy kale for crunch too!  There is a bit of a soybean based hummus spread out on the bottom of the plate as well. And to flavour the greens, there is a light red wine vinaigrette, which were asked to be served on the side. 
IMG_3444 Another classic appetizer is their Beef Carpaccio. Uber thin slices of beef just sprinkled with salt and pepper. I loved the greens that topped this dish, the bitterness was actually quite refreshing. Bits of radish and parmesan gave the dish additional flavour and texture. 
Beef Tongue Sandwich Richmond Station 4 One of their entree specials on the day that I went was the Beef Tongue Sandwich. Served with fries, some pickled veggies and a bit of au jus. The bun was pretty boring and could have benefited from some sesame seeds but it did have a nice grill on the inside. 
IMG_3447 But the star of the show is clearly the beef tongue. I think the tongue was slow roasted and it was super tender. There was quite a bit of tongue, and it was paired with an slice of cheese, which melted lovingly over the tongue. This was delicious but very decadent, as tongue is actually very high in fat. The fries were really good and paired better with vinegar than ketchup, the dish just needed that bit of zing. 
IMG_3454 And the other entree is the Wild Boar Ragupart of their regular menu. The orecchiette is hand made, and tossed with tomatoes, cheese, so celery and a touch of basil. The boar is slow cooked to a comforting stew. I had expected more gameyness from the boar, but was surprised by just how mild it became. The orecchiette seemed more like gnocchi is shape but worked well with the sauce and boar. 

Take Note:

  • Daily specials are worth a try
  • Reservations are available
  • Closed on Sundays 
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