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Monday, July 08, 2013

Delicious Lunch at the New Miku

The beautiful Miku recently moved to 200 Granville St., the old location of Aqua Riva, and I couldn't wait to try it out. They have another stunning location in Yaletown called Minami.lights 2 One of the things about the space that I really liked about the new place was the overall airiness of it. And the decor complemented the lovely windows with the bright lights, reminiscent of uni! Or maybe that's just me...
We went with a merlot, since we were likely having seafood, so a bold red wasn't really called for.  meat and fish brochette This is the Land and Sea Brochette served on the skewer over a bed of couscous.  meat and fish brochette 2 On one end, we have some fennel and two tiger prawns. The smokiness of the char on the prawn is delicious. The couscous and broccolini had a hint of curry, which I wasn't expecting at all. The flavours were good, but it just didn't seem to "go" with brochette.  meat and fish brochette 3 On the other end, we got some veggies, as well as a giant scallop and a perfectly medium rare NY strip. This was moist and juicy, and really completed the dish. And no, you don't have to eat the steak with chopsticks, they give you a knife and fork as well.   fried b We also decided to try Miku Zen, where chefs from the kitchen and sushi bar select seasonal items for you to try. From the kitchen, we got fish done three ways as well as a salad. This was the Deep Fried Halibut, and the little bites were crispy on the outside and steaming hot on the inside. A touch heavy with the tarter sauce, but that's purely a personal preference. searedb This delicious piece of Miso Baked Sable Fish had a very buttery mouth feel, with a bit of Gomae on the side. Loved the edible flower as well!  raw b The third item was Hamachi Sashimi. The topping was a bit sweet, but it actually seemed to enhance the freshness of the sashimi itself. These were big pieces but I still wanted more! salad b Now this is the Greens and Tofu Salad, and I wasn't really a fan of, but I think it's only the crumbled miso tofu that threw me off a bit. Otherwise, this was a nice refreshing salad, with crisp greens and tomato slices.  IMG_3669 b And from the sushi chefs, we got a selection of their Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi as well as traditional Nigiri. No matter how often I have the Salmon Aburi Sushi, it always amazes me with its simplicity. The Ebi also had a nice hit of smokiness. We were pretty stuffed but wait, we still had one more dish! daisen don 3 b This is the Kaisen Don, complete with Mackerel, Unagi, Hotate, Ikura, Ebi, Salmon and more. This was the first dish that actually came with wasabi! Although the sashimi is amazingly fresh, what really sets this dish apart is the rice. There's something in the way the rice is cooked, it's not sticky at all and has a nice vinegary tang to it.

Take Note:

  • Gorgeous views, get a patio seat if it's nice out
  • Surprisingly good miso soup
  • Food comes at a quick clip, let server know if you want  them to slow down

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