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Monday, July 15, 2013

Origin - Toronto

While I was in Toronto this year, I decided to revisit a spot that I found a few years ago, Origins. When I first visited, it was when one of Top Chef Canada's chefs were running the show. I'm sure he's gone now, but I wanted to see how the food was now.
2013-06-09 19.30.03 To start things off, we got some Oysters. These are super pretty, the colours are amazing, almost too pretty to eat. The bit of heat from the chilis are fun as are the edible greens. Served differently than in the West Coast,  there are no sauces here. Rather, they sprinkled some yuzu dressing on top and that's all you need.
2013-06-09 19.44.54 Believe it or not, this is a salad, a Bangkok Beef Salad to be exact. The beef is barely grilled and served super rare. It's a deconstructed salad, with peanuts, fried shallots off the the side. The plentiful slices of beef hide a bed of mint, mango and other greens. The nam jim dressing gives it a nice briny flavour but doesn't overwhelm the beef.
2013-06-09 20.28.35 As a main entree, we opted for the Halibut and Clams. The green puree is made of sweet pea and is very fresh. There are some charred sprigs of green onion. The clams are dusted with a bacon vinaigrette, yes, Bacon! The halibut was cooked perfectly and flaked easily. The clams were a bit small, it would have been nice to see a mix of clams and mussels on the plate to make it seem less empty. But what was on the plate was good, I just wished there was more of it!  2013-06-09 20.28.12
A close-up of the Halibut. Fresh and vibrant flavours. Loved the charred spring onions too! 
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