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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dineout #3 - Oakwood Bistro

For this year's Dine Out Vancouver, we purposely chose restaurants that were new to us. The first was Fishworks in North Vancouver, and the second was Saucisse, also in North Vancouver. And this is our third one, Oakwood Bistro in Kitsilano with Yaletown L'Antipasto being the last. Many restaurants are only serving the Dine Out menu during this time and it's a shame, because I tend to order a la carte even if Dine Out is going on. But nevertheless, we managed to find something to please our palate from the Dine Out Menu.
ravioli For our appetizers, we tried the Pork Ravioli. The sauce is an apple wasabi butter which I found a little too bland. The pork was plentiful in the ravioli and it had a pulled pork-like tenderness. However, I have to say that I think the pasta was a bit undercooked. If you took away pasta, and just concentrated on the pork this was good. The pork rinds were a fun touch, but unfortunately, they were more chewy than crunchy. tuna Our next appetizer was the Albacore Tuna, mixed with a white bean puree and served with charred crostinis. Mason jars are totally overused, being a vessel for food, dessert and even cocktails, but putting that aside, this tuna was really good. We could have used a few mores slices of bread as we dug deeper into the jar. The texture was creamy and the tuna itself was nice and chunky. It is part of the regular menu and I would recommend giving it a go.  
sablefish 3 As a meat lover, I was tempted to add  the $15 to the Dine Out menu and go for the 16oz rib eye, but my principles just wouldn't let me. Why not serve an 8oz (already more than the recommended serving by  Canada's Food Guide) and not charge people extra? It felt opportunistic and I didn't want to fall into the trap. So instead, I went meatless and got the Maple Smoked Sable Fish. I have to say, I was really happy with my choice. The fish was seared perfectly on the outside and flaked off cleanly on the inside. The two cod brandade croquettes accompanying the dish was light and fluffy, but with a distinct flavour of fish. The other accompaniments were pretty but honestly didn't add much to the dish. lamb shank sAnd as a meat lover, I then had to try the Sous Vide Lamb Shank. I love my lamb but I'm so used to having grilled lamb that I honestly didn't know what to expect from a sous vide shank. The dish was rounded out with a confit  mash, tomato sauce, and topped with some pickled cabbage. Well I have to say, the knife that the waitress brought over was pretty much untouched. The tenderness of this lamb was amazing. Talk about falling off the bone! And the mash was just rich enough to pair up with this lamb. And lucky for you, this is part of their a la carte menu, available outside of the Dine Out timeframe. brussel sprouts pAnd because we thought we didn't have enough food we went ahead and ordered a side, Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower, these  are deep fried and should have been really good. But I think the oil just wasn't hot enough and we ended up with a soggier version than my favourite place for this dish, Tudor House nanaimo bar So coming towards the end of dinner, the two choices both seemed interesting so we opted for one of each. The first to arrive was the Nanaimo Bar Custard. Yes, not a Nanaimo Bar per se, but a custard version. This was way too sweet for me, with an overly sweet vanilla custard and a rich coconut walnut ganache. The crust was barely there and the coconut flavour was overpowering. crumble But the second dessert was amazing, the Apple Crumble was light and fresh, with a plentiful amount of both gala and granny smith apples. The crumble was nice and crunchy, all topped with a vanilla cream.  
And in case you can't believe how tender and falling off the bone the lamb shank was, here 's a pic!

Take Note:

  • From their Dine Out Menu, the Tuna, Lamb and Apple Crumble are on the a la carte menu as well
  • Tables are fairly close together, get ready to make friends with your seatmates
  • Chef Michael Robbins is only 28 and from East Vancouver 

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