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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Faves from Black + Blue of Glowbal Group for Dine Out Vancouver

In the second stop of my Glowbal Group Dine Out Preview, we headed to Black + Blue, half a few steps away from Coast, where we started off the night.  Potato Leek Soup Between the Green Goddess Watercress Salad and the Truffle Potato Leek Soup, this one was the winner. Although the salad was good, something about soup in the cold weather just seems right. The rich creaminess of the soup was so decadent and velvety smooth, I really wanted more than just the tasting portion. The addition of the chive oil just brought out the flavours of the leek even more.   Blue Ribbon Cottage Pie 3 Their best entree of the night by far was the Blue Ribbon Cottage Pie. Think of this as a higher-end Shepherd's Pie. Instead of plain old ground beef, then used a PEI Blue Ribbon ground beef, and instead of your usual mashed potatoes, they elevated it with a bit of Parmesan. Add to that a massive amount of peas, carrots and gravy, you have a truly spectacular dish. This was way too much for me, probably because I had already had a meal at Coast, but be prepared to take a nap after consuming this.  Pan Seared Salmon The other entree that stood out for me was their Pan Seared Roasted Salmon. The parsnip puree was nothing spectacular and the crispy chips on top was fun, but the star of the dish was the salmon. The skin is light and crunchy and the salmon had the flakiness that I absolutely love about fish. Creamed Corn As with Coast, there are add-ons that you can get, and for my money, go for the Creamed Corn. The corn kernels are kept intact, and the creaminess comes from the cream/milk and the sweetness comes from a sprinkling of sugar, but integral to this dish is the fried jalapenos. They give a bit of heat to an otherwise overly sweet dish. You'll be surprised by the heat, but you'll love it!  
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