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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ebo - A Pleasant Surprise and Close to Home!

Although I live just a few minutes away from Ebo, I didn't try them until just last month. I was told by a co-worker that this place was surprisingly good, as well, I have heard good things via Twitter. So one night, we decided to check it out and I was certainly glad I did. 
First to arrive was their bread basket, and yes, this delighted me very much since the bread was warm...this little touch makes me so happy! I liked the bread as well as the parmesan crisp. Lots of flavour and texture. We were off to a good start. 
Since we had a child with us, we let him order his dinner first and a Hot Dog and Veggie side was his choice. I was happy to see that even though "Kids Eat Free" at this place, they didn't get lazy with the preparation. The bun was slightly grilled and the hot dog was grilled as well, not simply boiled (the easy way out). The veggies were fresh, and a step away from the normal with bell peppers added to the usual celery and carrots 
The adults were next and the first dish to arrive was the Seafood Linguini with a squid ink linguine pasta. There were a ton of seafood on the plate, including some pieces of smoked salmon, a few prawns, one big scallop and some clams. A white wine cream sauce held everything together. The flavour was quite mild, but the whole dish fit together quite nicely. 
Another entree we tried was the Scallop and Short Rib, This been was braised for 48 hours, and served with a Roasted Scallop. There was a ton of asparagus spears as well as a really delicious bed of potato puree. The one snappy punch in this dish is their green onion really lightens the heaviness of the beef and creaminess of the scallop. This was a winner in my books. 
For my main, I indulged and got the 12 oz AAA Prime Rib Eye. Not, this isn't prime rib, it's a prime rib eye. Like other steakhouses, they serve their steaks with a pat of truffled herb butter. And yes, for veggies, there are some sauteed mushrooms and the same asparagus as with the Scallop & Short Rib. There were some potatoes on the side, and really, that was my least favourite part of the dish. I think I would have rather have the potato puree instead. The steak was prepared very well. My medium rare had a nice ring of grilled crust, along with a red tender centre. I was surprised at how good it was, to be honest. 
We were treated to a plate of White chocolate truffles. These were rich and a good ending to our dinner. Although not a fan of white chocolate (they look like soap to me), these were appreciated and devoured quickly. 
Because the child was so good during dinner, we decided to treat him to a dessert, so we got him a little brownie. Or so we thought. When this arrived, we were all taken aback by the artistry of the dish, as well as the size of it. I made a note to save room for dessert on my next visit, and yes, I will be back! 
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