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Monday, February 27, 2012

Late dinner at Hamilton Grill

I checked out Hamilton Street Grill based on recommendations from some of my Twitter friends, such as LRX350 and MissAboutTown. After the #ComedyFest, we headed down to Yaletown to check it out. I was surprised at the place once we walked in. I was expecting a bar-type atmosphere but was pleasantly surprised at the coziness of the place (cloth napkins)! I wasn't expecting that, nor the wine and water glasses on every table, but there they were! We were seated at a table by the window, and not made to feel like a nuisance, even though it was 10:30. 
As we were perusing the menu, our server came by to describe the specials of the night. We were there for steak, so even though the specials sounded good, we had red meat on the brain.

We decided to start off with half a dozen oysters, which arrived less than 5 minutes after we ordered them. This made me question how 'freshly shucked' they were, but they were good. However, I was surprised that they came with some greens, but not on ice. I was a little worried as to their freshness, but I really wanted oysters, so threw caution to the wind. One thing that was disappointing was the lack of fresh horseradish, which I really enjoy with oysters. Given the classic setting, I was surprised that no bread was served 'gratuit'. Oh well, guess we'll have to manage without.

We also got the Pork Chop and it was amazing! Juicy, moist and huge! This was one of the best pork chop I've ever had. And the gravy with the bacon? Over the top!

The Pork was really thick...this is a better shot of the thickness!

We were there for steak, so we got their New York Steak, which was described on the menu as Blackened. When the plate arrived, the steak was topped with onion fries, but the steak wasn't really blackened. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, but the flavour was a little mild.
As you can see, the steak was really well-cooked, with a nice char on the outside and red medium center. So although it wasn't a 10 out of 10, I'd give it an 8 with an intent to retry, possibly earlier than 10pm. I thank my twitter followers for introducing me to this place, and I am delighted to have tried it.
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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    You're quite generous in your ratings. A high-end restaurant with such prices should at the very least cook your steak to perfection. Anything less should warrant a fail. At least they got that right. However, lots of other points raises eyebrows. The lack of bread served, the quickly produced oysters, and lack of fresh product: horseradish all should be addressed and is not acceptable of an establishment such as this.

    What I have learned from being in the restauant industry over many years is its never a good idea to dine in places like these so late. The kitchen typically starts shutting down around 10 pm even though they officially say they're open. This is where you get leftovers or product hastily put together. All and all a very good review. But no thank you. I won't visit this place. There's just too many other options available. And I don't bother reading urbanspoon any more as its clearly bias. I think you should stop too ;)

  2. Hi anonymous, and thanks for your feedback! You're right, I should probably have known better than to have such a late dinner. Would you have given them a 6 (or less)? I guess my rating is also based on the service...she was really good and did refill our water constantly...

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    a) why should a restaurant 'such as this" serve bread? bread is the BIGGEST waste both in cost and product because most people don't eat all or any of it by request
    b) have you shucked oysters before? I can do about 20 in 5 minutes
    c) have you ever worked in yaletown? 10:30 is hardly late

  4. Thanks for your comment, anonymous #2. I agree with the bread comment, it's just that I did see on another post that people were given bread at dinner. As for shucking oysters, I agree that some people can do it really fast, but what do you think about them not serving it on ice? And you're right, 10:30 isn't late for Yaletown, but that night, we were the last people there. Thanks for the feedback and for reading!

  5. tvlife3:48 PM

    Not sure I would consider this a "high-end" resto...I'd rank it at The Keg level type of steakhouse.

  6. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I have to disagree. The reason most people do not eat all the bread or any of it at a decent restaurant is because most people want the bread to be warm and freshly baked. Keg is king in that department. However, I can appreciate why some people would say bread is a waste et al, they don't like carbs and would rather shuck oysters and choke, lol.



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