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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sushi Garden > Kita Sushi?

I've gotten takeout from Kita Sushi practically once a month for the past several months. Needing a bit of a change, I decided to check out Sushi Garden instead, and I'm sure glad I did. 
I love that their Chicken Wings are ALL wings, not a drummette in sight! Due to the fact that this was take out, the crispiness had to be revived by my Breville toaster oven, but 5 mins at 450 degrees with the convection on, and you're golden. Well, the wings will be golden too! 6 pieces for less than $4. I'm sold. Note: it's call Chicken Karaage on the menu, no mention of wings.
And the other cooked food we got to go with our sashimi was their Ebi Gyoza. They don't use ground up shrimp as filling, as with most places. These are whole prawns with a bit of pork wrapped around them, and then the whole thing is placed into a lovely gyoza skin and pan fried. I've read other people's complaints that dishes here are served quite hot enough, and I would have to agree. But I set them next to the wings in the toaster over and they came out perfectly! If I was eating at the restaurant and the food came out lukewarm like this, I would have been annoyed too. 
This is the Deluxe Assorted Sashimi, thickly cut and most items in triplicates, this is good solid sashimi, but these is a lack of refinement when the tuna slices are that thick. Nevertheless, the sashimi is fresh and I really liked the abundance of daikon they give you. Kita gives you a Amaebi with the Deluxe Assorted Sashimi, but it's head on and much bigger than the ones you see here.
All this for about $30, not a bad deal. Next time, if I were to plan it better, I would probably order the cooked items from Sushi Garden and head over to Kita for the sashimi. 
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