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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching Up: June 28-30

30 - Was looking forward to dinner (hot-pot) with an old friend but she cancelled on me. Ended up staying home all evening building furniture - LOTS of it! The coffee tables (in the same pattern as my dining table) were a cinch to build! Now my big red box is off to the side, and can be used as a side table. I'm getting good - especially with the new drill I bought! Also put together a wire basket but felt really bad since I had to hammer the rods it. Took them outside to hammer, but the abundance of dead bugs was a bit too scary for me.

29 - After watching Friends on the weekend, the one where Monica makes tons of lasagne, I actually got an invitation to dinner from an old friend for lasagna. Her kids are off in Vegas with her ex, so she decided to clean the house and have people over! Also saw my first full episode of South Park, yes, for real.

28 - Recovery and Lobster go hand in hand! At only $11/pound, lobsters are pretty hard to resist!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last bit of Catching Up - June 21-27

27 - Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Rob!
Chris's birthday as well today - Circa and then Hapa - total debauchery. I actually enjoyed the food at Circa this time, got the chacoutrie plate, which was delish! Also dropped by Edge earlier for a drink – very cool cocktails. Tried their Seafood Ceviche, and that was pretty good, and very cold!

26 – I went home and raided mom's kitchen for all the things she doesn't really use. Got myself a wok…perfect for steaming fish! After that, we went out for dinner at the Keg - where Lobsterfest was on! After 10 minutes of indecision, I ended up ordering my usual peppercorn steak instead. However, I fully plan to have lobster on my own on Sunday.

25 - GOAL: to sleep early, but ended up unpacking clothes and was up way too late again. But it has to be done eventually. At least my wardrobe is not limited to the same five tired items!

24 - very tired today - just went home and crashed.

23 – Went back to return the bedding I purchased over the weekend from Home Sense. The queen duvet was more like a full/double size, and didn't even hang over the mattress! Somehow managed to buy new things though…haha.

22 - Picked up a Courtesy car from Morrey Nissan while my baby was getting fixed. I am a Hero with a Versa! Also went to Superstore to pick up some groceries. Feeling very independent!

21 - Went to Brunch for Father's Day as it was my stepdad's wish. The food was really good and I was having a really hard time deciding what to order. Everything looked amazing! Dinner was at Prince - and finally got my duck! Ning Tu was sold out on Tuesday when I went.

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Monday in my New Place

Loving the peace, quiet and solitude.
Damn, I wish I had two slobbering dogs and a bunny too though.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catch Up June 14-20

20 - Headed to Kirin for dim sum, because well, it's been a LONG time since I've had dimsum! Super busy due to Father's day tomorrow, but we all managed to get seated fairly quickly. After lunch, I built my bed, with the aid of my stepdad's cordless drill!

19 - work social event tonight - poker and pool. Very good turnout! Costco and BC Liquor stores to the rescue. Went over to Hapa afterwards, and made a mess of myself - ugh. I actually asked for Vodka to be added to my slurpee cup, which I brought in with me...and I didn't just ask for a shot, I actually gave my slurpee to Justin to add it for me. Sigh, he must HATE me...

18 - there was a Corona patio party at Moxie's, so I headed down for a few - martinis, not Coronas. Supposed to be free food - it SO wasn't enough food. But still made it home in bed by 10pm!

17 - back to work. Feels weird getting ready all on my own, no nagging, no knocking on the door, but sure needed about 3 alarms, all placed far away!

16 - got up super early and rented a budget van. Moved all my stuff from my mommy's and various storage areas into my place. Then went to Ikea and picked up the rest of the stuff I bought. Got rear-ended on the way, yes, that's right, a rear-ender on the way to Ikea. At least the guy owned up to it, thank goodness I had my stepdad with me in the car. This was just after lunch at Cactus Club. But we're all okay, so it's all good. Totally looking forward to dinner tonight - Ning Tu - duck wrap, here I come! Post dinner addition: there was NO duck, and despite my stepdad's claim that the rest of the menu looked appetizing, I wanted to CRY!

15 - day off today to settle in. Telus came over to install TV - he must have thought it was weird that I was drinking diet coke out of a wine glass, but hey, I don't have regular glasses, yet. Dinner was amazing - sushi, steak and shrimp. My favourite 3 "s"!!

14 - Went into Richmond and bought my stools! And a light for bedroom, as well as miscellaenous storage things that I don't really need from Daiso! Oh, and visited another new mommy...Had dinner at a place called New Shanghai near Willingdon and Canada Way- amazing food, crappy atmosphere.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Got my keys! June 7-13

13- Shopping the day away at Ikea - I love furniture! Even laundry baskets can be fun, as can welcome mats, bath mats!

12 - offsite for some InDesign training. Had White Spot for lunch - been so long since I've tried their food. Still the same - bland and exactly what you'd expect. One comforting thing about WS - no surprises.

11 - met with realtor and Got my keys! Grabbed some duck, some goose, not the edible kind, (the GREY kind) and vino, and settled into my new place. Sleeping on an air mattress isn't that bed, when the mattress is placed in YOUR OWN condo!

10 - visited the notary, get all the paperwork signed, in duplicates and triplicates...autographing all afternoon! It's amazing how much can get done nowadays, over the phone, email and fax. This is the first time she's met me, and she's done all this work on my behalf, hoping that I am who I say I am. I guess she had to meet me in order for me to pay her!

9 - steak and lobster dinner - fine dining at home.

8 - MAENAM, it's the new was good, spicy, but no freebies. Had leftovers and forgot them.

7 - pretty chill...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catching Up - June 2-6

6 - Chop to watch a hockey game and ended up with an impromptu BBQ!

5 - got the word that mortgage is firmly approved! Time to celebrate.

4 - jayden (the second one I know) is born! Celebrated with one drink, and then debauchery ensued.

3 - lunch with work at Victoria - weirdest dim sum ever - half a chicken, veggies, and just weird.

2 - snuck into my new place and took measurements for furniture - so exciting.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Modelling Monday

So, after the modelling shoot two week ago, I finally got the pictures! They look LIKE me, but definitely not the "real" me. I really rarely wear makeup, and even if I did, I don't think I'd be able to apply it like the pros do!
Want to see? I've uploaded them here.
But this one is my favourite, I think...
Back to my diet today too, but have added something to my usual romaine hearts and bean sprouts. My mom bought me some Yam Noodles, and they are super low-cal and super high-fibre! What an awesome food to mix with my soupy dinner. I love it!


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