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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catch Up June 14-20

20 - Headed to Kirin for dim sum, because well, it's been a LONG time since I've had dimsum! Super busy due to Father's day tomorrow, but we all managed to get seated fairly quickly. After lunch, I built my bed, with the aid of my stepdad's cordless drill!

19 - work social event tonight - poker and pool. Very good turnout! Costco and BC Liquor stores to the rescue. Went over to Hapa afterwards, and made a mess of myself - ugh. I actually asked for Vodka to be added to my slurpee cup, which I brought in with me...and I didn't just ask for a shot, I actually gave my slurpee to Justin to add it for me. Sigh, he must HATE me...

18 - there was a Corona patio party at Moxie's, so I headed down for a few - martinis, not Coronas. Supposed to be free food - it SO wasn't enough food. But still made it home in bed by 10pm!

17 - back to work. Feels weird getting ready all on my own, no nagging, no knocking on the door, but sure needed about 3 alarms, all placed far away!

16 - got up super early and rented a budget van. Moved all my stuff from my mommy's and various storage areas into my place. Then went to Ikea and picked up the rest of the stuff I bought. Got rear-ended on the way, yes, that's right, a rear-ender on the way to Ikea. At least the guy owned up to it, thank goodness I had my stepdad with me in the car. This was just after lunch at Cactus Club. But we're all okay, so it's all good. Totally looking forward to dinner tonight - Ning Tu - duck wrap, here I come! Post dinner addition: there was NO duck, and despite my stepdad's claim that the rest of the menu looked appetizing, I wanted to CRY!

15 - day off today to settle in. Telus came over to install TV - he must have thought it was weird that I was drinking diet coke out of a wine glass, but hey, I don't have regular glasses, yet. Dinner was amazing - sushi, steak and shrimp. My favourite 3 "s"!!

14 - Went into Richmond and bought my stools! And a light for bedroom, as well as miscellaenous storage things that I don't really need from Daiso! Oh, and visited another new mommy...Had dinner at a place called New Shanghai near Willingdon and Canada Way- amazing food, crappy atmosphere.

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