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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching Up: June 28-30

30 - Was looking forward to dinner (hot-pot) with an old friend but she cancelled on me. Ended up staying home all evening building furniture - LOTS of it! The coffee tables (in the same pattern as my dining table) were a cinch to build! Now my big red box is off to the side, and can be used as a side table. I'm getting good - especially with the new drill I bought! Also put together a wire basket but felt really bad since I had to hammer the rods it. Took them outside to hammer, but the abundance of dead bugs was a bit too scary for me.

29 - After watching Friends on the weekend, the one where Monica makes tons of lasagne, I actually got an invitation to dinner from an old friend for lasagna. Her kids are off in Vegas with her ex, so she decided to clean the house and have people over! Also saw my first full episode of South Park, yes, for real.

28 - Recovery and Lobster go hand in hand! At only $11/pound, lobsters are pretty hard to resist!

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