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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last bit of Catching Up - June 21-27

27 - Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Rob!
Chris's birthday as well today - Circa and then Hapa - total debauchery. I actually enjoyed the food at Circa this time, got the chacoutrie plate, which was delish! Also dropped by Edge earlier for a drink – very cool cocktails. Tried their Seafood Ceviche, and that was pretty good, and very cold!

26 – I went home and raided mom's kitchen for all the things she doesn't really use. Got myself a wok…perfect for steaming fish! After that, we went out for dinner at the Keg - where Lobsterfest was on! After 10 minutes of indecision, I ended up ordering my usual peppercorn steak instead. However, I fully plan to have lobster on my own on Sunday.

25 - GOAL: to sleep early, but ended up unpacking clothes and was up way too late again. But it has to be done eventually. At least my wardrobe is not limited to the same five tired items!

24 - very tired today - just went home and crashed.

23 – Went back to return the bedding I purchased over the weekend from Home Sense. The queen duvet was more like a full/double size, and didn't even hang over the mattress! Somehow managed to buy new things though…haha.

22 - Picked up a Courtesy car from Morrey Nissan while my baby was getting fixed. I am a Hero with a Versa! Also went to Superstore to pick up some groceries. Feeling very independent!

21 - Went to Brunch for Father's Day as it was my stepdad's wish. The food was really good and I was having a really hard time deciding what to order. Everything looked amazing! Dinner was at Prince - and finally got my duck! Ning Tu was sold out on Tuesday when I went.

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